September 16, 2010

The Monk who sold his Ferrari

This is my first book review / summary. Not because "The Monk who sold his Ferrari" was a very interesting read, because it wasn't.
It started off great but at times it got quite dull and repetitive. But one thing this book did do successfully was inspire me to start living better.

The "truths" written in the book, apply not only to overworked professionals who are well into their forties, but also to teenagers and college going students who have yet to face the cold brute hardships of life.

It's never too late / early to start. Start applying these "truths" about life and yourself, NOW.

I had chanced upon some of the concepts discussed in this book on my own, and I believed them to be true. So I am applying a bit of induction here and assuming that the rest of the points given here are also facts, and if not, it won't hurt to give them a try.
Because they are all focused towards making your life better and helping you achieve more out of yourself.

So I will share with you the points which I felt were most useful and usable in today's materialistic and hectic world.

1] Jot down your goals.
2] Analyze and face your fears on a daily basis.
3] Put off immediate pleasures for long term fulfillment.
4] Discover our talents and purpose in life.
5] Courage and Passion towards what you do.
6] The importance of breathing.
7] Constant Learning.
8] Advantages of live (vegetarian) food.
9] Importance of exercise.
10]Read books (Right ones)
11]In the morning : Plan your day.
12]End of the day : Reflect and analyze.
13]Words can have a lot of effect. Mantra.
14]Self Image is your governor. Enhance it using Mantras.
15]Your soul is a part of the soul of the universe.
16]Failure is not starting something.
17]Live a life to serve others.
19]Live in the now, practice ZEN.
20]Be grateful to life.

Some of the points may seem vague and debatable, to know more about them go through the book.
Use what you can out of them, because I believe they will help you lead a truly enlightened life.

(Wow, I sound like Robin Sharma :P )


  1. i left it..twice!!
    it ws too boring fr me..may b..
    i dn knw..dre ws no urge to carry on..i mean readin!


  2. You hit the point, the book wasn't very interesting throughout.
    Sometimes it felt like reading one of those handbooks on "inspired" living.

    But to think of it, the book was actually a disguised version of that only.

    And the facts in the book, which sometimes matched the conclusions I had reached about life; Kept me going. :)

  3. good fr u..

    p.s. blog more!
    i want mre reviews n stuf..
    its fun!