November 15, 2009

Exam Blues

Test 2, this time right after Waves, (and yea winter was never that hot!)
Didn't even have time to do the minimal preparation I used to have before the other tests.
We are BITSGians of course, we know it is better to study beforehand and not wake up nights, burning the midnight oil, (in this case boiling water for the midnight maggi) before exams trying desperately to finish our courses..
we know this..

but where is the fun in that..

We are not thrill seekers, we do not wish to test our vessels, see how much we can push our mind and body to learn the most in the least possible time, believe me, we are none of those.

We are here to have some fun, and as i have learned in my 20 years of experience..studies and fun, rarely go together ;).

So, we try to reduce the studying part of our lives to a minimum.

BUT That's not all, we study two days before the exams, and even in those 2 days of compressed learning we have to watch our favourite tv shows, check out our profiles on the millions of social networking sites we are a member jokes, blogs and even learn a few things, which are of no use in any case.

So, here I am once again, (Test tomorrow) and me, writing a new blog entry, yet to start preparation for my exam.

This is the BITSGian way, better get used to it :P

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