February 07, 2010

The Quark Experience

Yesterday our annual technical festival QUARK '10 ended.
It's not a technical festival anymore btw, its an INNOVATION FESTIVAL and India's first in that matter, big deal :-/ .

Anyways, the most memorable thing about QUARK were the messages.
We had this Messaging System set up for sending notifications via SMS to participants.

The intention was noble :P, however like most well intended plans, even this one went horribly wrong.

They sent way too many SMS's, and people had no option to block them, and the students kept on cursing and they kept on sending and it was a big mess.

I mean this was one of the messages :

Q.Who is the leader of ducks ?
Ans. Frog
Bcz frog is Mainduck. (main duck)

LOL, even though i enjoyed the joke, this example serves my purpose of demonstrating how useless some of those messages were, for the participants.

It seems this guy, Nitant Tattar (name changed), who was in charge of sending these SMS's seemed to be really enjoying this, when asked "Why he was sending so many?" his reply was "I control the population", with that he probably meant he controlled the "crowd". But again, who knows.. :P

So now that Quark is finally over, its good to see my mobile phone not vibrating every few minutes, I decided to write

An Ode to The Great Nitant Tatar . . .


That friendly vibration in my pocket
what could it be, ahh just fock it..
that dwelling place wherein my cell abode
I set my phone to silent mode
Whom could it be?
it could be she..

expectantly i reach for thee,
peee peee peee peee
rose from within the crowds
that dreadful sound
it's all around.

big and small
fools and wise
take your phones,
and stand in line
check your messages one more time
just being formal, ain't no crime
friends, family, loved ones who?
you may think, u have a clue
with expectant glee
you stare at the screen
but alas, its just my work
that was another one from TM-Quark

Then finally we got to meet,
the real man behind the scenes,
"I control population" remarketh he
summer breeze and winter chills
did he say, he sells i-pills?
no you fools!,that's not what he meant
What he meant was
he controls thee


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