September 21, 2010

Inventing Immortality : A thought experiment.

A few days ago as the media likened the advent of the new cancer drug 'PLX4032' to the "penicillin" moment in medical history, it got me thinking.
This new medicine uses the treasure trove of information retrieved after the completion of the human genome project a decade ago to target only the cancer affected cells and destroy them.
The trial cases of this medicine have yielded extraordinary results as it dramatically cut down tumor size in 24 out of 32 patients with late stage malignant melanoma.
The prospect of further achievements in the bio-technology field excites me. Now that we have uncovered the secrets to our own gene, the possibilities are immense.

Just like that, I came across an idea of the "Immortality drug", I don't know how medically sound my argument may be. But I believe it is possible.
If I am sounding too optimistic or over assuming, the possibility of a miracle drug which will increase the life expectancy to maybe 200 years may not sound so far fetched to you.
Lets take that case, for your sake.
Maybe they have already invented such a drug, but they are not releasing it to the public.
Maybe they are selling it only to the high-flying billionaires who love their rich, lavish life so much that they are willing to spend some billions on this just to last a few 100 years more.

Controversy theories! we love them don't we :P

But in this case, it's probably not as crazy as it sounds.
What is the biggest problem threatening human civilization at this point?

The Environment.

Global Warming has been the concern of millions of esoteric environmentalist throughout the globe, however people still don't seem to be able grasp the concept.
The melting of the polar caps is going to drown Bangladesh and many such low lying areas by 2100.
We are currently in the no-win situation in which our population is rapidly increasing and the land and other resources supporting this population is rapidly depleting.
I couldn't spell apocalypse better for you.

Now just imagine what will be the impact of this miracle immortality drug on our society.
People will all of a sudden stop dying, and the concomitant population explosion that will follow will disturb the already delicate balance between the resources and consumers in the world.

As the world will strive to reach an equilibrium between the birth rate and the death rate, land will become the most coveted resource.
And not just land, every resource on earth starting with food, water, fuel to stay warm, basic sanitation will become scarce.
Throwing us back a thousand years, when wars were fought for land domination. When this situation occurs law and order will mean nothing.

Men will become savages to protect his basic rights and resources, population will fall because of wars waged in order to acquire land and fuel.
Then religion will again gain prominence, promising salvation for those war hardened men and a peaceful life for their families.

The civilization will thus complete a cycle and make a fresh start with only those genes which managed to survive this horrific ordeal.

Although the end of the civilization is inevitable, but is it better to expedite the process?

So safeguarding the information about the immortality drug for only the handful elite will be the safest bet for the researchers and their investors in order to protect us all.

Maybe they do have an immortality drug maybe they don't, but you wouldn't know would you?

September 16, 2010

The Monk who sold his Ferrari

This is my first book review / summary. Not because "The Monk who sold his Ferrari" was a very interesting read, because it wasn't.
It started off great but at times it got quite dull and repetitive. But one thing this book did do successfully was inspire me to start living better.

The "truths" written in the book, apply not only to overworked professionals who are well into their forties, but also to teenagers and college going students who have yet to face the cold brute hardships of life.

It's never too late / early to start. Start applying these "truths" about life and yourself, NOW.

I had chanced upon some of the concepts discussed in this book on my own, and I believed them to be true. So I am applying a bit of induction here and assuming that the rest of the points given here are also facts, and if not, it won't hurt to give them a try.
Because they are all focused towards making your life better and helping you achieve more out of yourself.

So I will share with you the points which I felt were most useful and usable in today's materialistic and hectic world.

1] Jot down your goals.
2] Analyze and face your fears on a daily basis.
3] Put off immediate pleasures for long term fulfillment.
4] Discover our talents and purpose in life.
5] Courage and Passion towards what you do.
6] The importance of breathing.
7] Constant Learning.
8] Advantages of live (vegetarian) food.
9] Importance of exercise.
10]Read books (Right ones)
11]In the morning : Plan your day.
12]End of the day : Reflect and analyze.
13]Words can have a lot of effect. Mantra.
14]Self Image is your governor. Enhance it using Mantras.
15]Your soul is a part of the soul of the universe.
16]Failure is not starting something.
17]Live a life to serve others.
19]Live in the now, practice ZEN.
20]Be grateful to life.

Some of the points may seem vague and debatable, to know more about them go through the book.
Use what you can out of them, because I believe they will help you lead a truly enlightened life.

(Wow, I sound like Robin Sharma :P )

September 03, 2010

My top 20 indie bands

Okay I know I haven't written in a while. But I promise I will write something as soon as I have time and a stable internet connection at home. And my lappy starts working again.
Yea life's been hard.

Anyways music is always there for me. So here is a list of my 18 most favorite bands from my favorite genre.

2)The New Pornographers
3)Regina Spektor
6)The Shins
6)Death Cab for Cutie
7)The bird and the bee
8)The Decemberists
9)Andrew bird
10)The Postal Service
11)Camera Obscura
12)Bat for lashes
13)Belle and Sebastian
14)Casey Dienel
15)Man Man
17)Breathe out breathe
18)Rilo Kiley

will add 2 more later