July 14, 2009

An Evening of Bliss

There was nothing out of ordinary about this evening,
the air was heavy with humidity, there was a slight wind blowing, the streets were crowded as usual..ppl busy with what they do best...being busy..

Yes there was nothing unusual about this evening, except one thing...
The evening light, there was something strange and beautiful about it,
It was omnipresent, as if it had no direction, it had no source nor a destination, it was just there..
Maybe it was the steely gray clouds covering the sky, or probably some other reason i still can't put my finger on.
But there was a soothing presence about this light,

As i walked down the road, to the park...
i felt content and at peace with myself and my surroundings, the light had a presence and it was affecting me.
Everything else the light fell upon, seemed more beautiful, and i remember thinking to myself "is this what heaven is like ?, if there is one at all", because if it was upto me I would have frozen that moment and stayed there for eternity...

I started my jog as usual, however unlike other days, today i was getting a bit more tired, the pain in my upper abdomen from yesterday's crunches hadn't left me. And after I completed my first round of the park, my steps grew heavier steadily with each drawing breath, and the humidity in the air didn't help much either, i was sweating bullets.

After finishing half of the second round, and by this time it was becoming exceedingly difficult to continue jogging.
and my feet felt lyk they were on fire, i decided i should call it quits for the day..
but suddenly i realised, I couldn't quit..everything around me was too perfect for me to quit...

I came back home, by this time the twilight was gone, it was dark and people had turned on the lights in their houses, I was feeling a little sad, as i knew my Evening of Bliss had ended, and i didn't know if it wud ever come back to me again.

I got rid of my shoes and looked outside of my balcony, I was watching some children play in the garden infront of our flat, and there was this strange scent in the air, it was the smell of ozone..I remembered I had read sumwhere that this smell indicated an approaching storm..but that didn't matter.

There was a freshness in the air brought about by that scent, everything seemed clearer..the lights in the houses looked lyk little diyas from the distance, even the street lights seemed more beautiful. The moment was perfect.

I realised then, It wasn't the soft evening light, nor was it the fresh scent of ozone which made the moment perfect for me..

It was me...

Lyf is Beautiful..enjoy every moment [;)]...

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