December 14, 2009

The end of an era . . .

I was lying on the roof of my house, alone and thinking.
Gazing idly at the stars, they always made me ponder about my significance in the grand scheme of things

That morning, I had given the last of my Engineering Entrance Examinations.
The atmosphere had changed all of a sudden, after days (mostly nights) of hard preparation for these exams, with only one sight in mind, I had sacrificed most of the final two years of my school life to pursue this singular goal, and now, all of a sudden, it was all over . . . and i was jobless.

I was confused, all the pressure that had built up, all that tension and apprehension that was cluttering my head, like a constant buzzing noise that you cant get rid of, was suddenly gone and I was completely free.

I hated this new feeling, the idle feeling of aimlessness. For the last two years, this was what I had been waiting for, the end of the examinations, and now, when it had finally ended. I wanted it to continue.

I had nothing to do, i was goalless, aimless. These exams had been a guideline for me to push my limits, to live more of life, and when i lived more of life everything had meaning. When we find ourselves pondering about the meaning of life sometimes, that is when you know, there has to be a change.

I want to live my life to its full capacity, i need to make a change, i need to break out of my shell, and push my limits, test my potential and raise my head above the swarming heads of people in the crowded streets of life and find my true goal.

I was lying there, thinking, gazing idly at the stars.

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