February 21, 2011

Chennai <3, just kidding :-P

Long time since my last blog post. A lot has gone down since then.

For starters my brief spell in Chennai has finally come to an end. Phew! It felt like it would never end.
I had my fare share of experiences while I was in Chennai, and some pretty deep emotional/social realizations (I would like to believe).

My awesome PS mates.

Sriram Raja, the guy who was from Chennai, hated auto drivers for some reason :P. Actually we got into a fist fight with the auto drivers one day, when Sriram told one of the Autodrivers to, "Just drive and stop yapping, You DOG".
Oh the awesomeness :D

The other dear PS mate from Pilani, Swabhiman Chottray, and his stories about his 40 year old male chauvinist virgin roommate were so insightful and yet so scary.

And then there was Ashelesh, the senior* from our campus, who made the transition from veg teetotaler, to a chicken juggling beer drinking dude \m/ who was thrown out of pubs because he looked like he was 15 :P

And then there was me of course. The always lusting for some kind of adventure guy, the marathon guy and whatnot :P

Our trips to Ascendas for chicken frankie and mutta dosa downed with a Coke float were as memorable as our trips to Munnar, Pondicherry, Goa and Bangalore, not to mention how often we bunked office to go watch a movie at the City Center or Express Avenue the newest and hippest place in Chennai.

My roommates and flatmates.

Indrajeet Ghosh, or IJ, Surender aka khanjar aka Surrender, Amit aka chhotu, Aqib, our very own Sir Alex whose conversations about possibilities in the field of Genetics kept me going.

And then there was my mobile phone, that damned thing kept me up at night with flashing texts every now and then. Some of them really moved me emotionally more than most real people can.

However, Chennai phase is over finally.

And now I am back to campus for the last 6 months and realizing the importance of enjoying every moment of it more than ever.

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